“Save the earth, go natural. I believe that less is more. Natural , from the earth ingredients are superior to chemicals .

Your mind, body and soul are very important to your health and peace of mind for you and your family. Natural is healthier and more humane for animals ( all the products I use are cruelty free) .

I am an affiliate for Skin by Nature . Their products are all natural,organic and cruelty free . They offer fresh quality products that are made with care and are made in small batches for freshness . Remember , everything has a shelf life . Their products are top quality and will never be more than 10 days old . Skin by Nature makes anti aging products, cleansers, creams, lotions, toners, serum, eye cream , masks, sugar scrubs, soaps and so much more . Products for , dry, oily, sensitive, acne, mature and combination . Something for everyone , baby’s to seniors .Did I mention Just Good soap ? Yes, 36 scents to choose from for $3.00 !

My other must have are essential oils. I am an Affiliate for Barefut Essential Oils .

Barefut Essential Oils , 100% pure therapeutic oils . Different sales and promos . Free delivery over $19 . Sometimes they even offer super nice oils for free , you just pay $4.99shipping. I love options !


Now for the Soul, mind, body and spirits I buy all my healing crystals, chakras and stones from The Crystal Healing Shop. They off rough , polished, pendulums, penchants and more . Their website has a detailed description of all their Stones and benefits . It’s well worth the time to browse their store .

For any of the products listed just click on the upper right dropdown and choose your category .

I live on a farm and have horses, cows, donkeys, miniature horses, free roaming chickens ( yes, I eat plenty of eggs ) and a stocked fish pond . I live off the grid as possible as I can . I also garden on 10 acres and grow delicious herbs for cooking and medicinal purposes. My organic compost pile provides me with all the potting soil I need .Any product that touches your skin or consumed in your body should be natural.

I hope you enjoy my posts that I will be writing to give you diy crafts, recipes and maybe some tips that you will find helpful . If you should have any questions about any of the products , gardening tips , farming ideas , starting an herb garden or you just need to chat , just send me a message .

Remember my motto , Pure is Pure !